Free Ideas: Rewarding Yourself

Hi, I’m Ja Shia, and today I want to talk about rewarding yourself. As entrepreneurs, we either forget to do it, don’t do it, or do it too much, and striking a balance of work to rewards is quite essential to your success.

The rewards of working for yourself in a sustaining manner are constant and ever present throughout your daily operations. But, remember that you’re human, and human beings work better when incentivized on what we perceive as tangible. Remember back in grade school when the school would do some fund raiser and you would go around selling to your neighbors and family members; why would you do that? There was always a big prize, like a bicycle, or pizza party to the top seller, and we all wanted that. Similarly, I used to spend so much money on skeeball, would get like 3000 tickets, and trade them in for like a pen with a fuzzy top or decoder ring. And those things made me happy. The same is still true today, but when you’re starting out, and capital is low, how do you reward yourself without burning up funds that you might need to make payroll.

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