Takeout City: Cholita Linda (Ep. 5)

At Oakland’s newest event that celebrates local food, we check out a regular on the farmer’s market circuit, Cholita Linda. Usually making everything fresh under their tent at the Jack London Square Farmers Market, Cholita creates tacos and sandwiches that cross many Latin American borders

In this episode, our host Mandel Lum tries their fish taco at Bites on Broadway. Bites is happening every Friday in Oakland until October 21st, 2011. Check out their Facebook for details.

Bites on Broadway


Cholita Linda


Shia Productions


Camera: Stefan Armijo @ http://stefanarmijo.com

Music: EternalXIII @ http://eternalxiii.newgrounds.com

PS, the carnitas taco was really really good…but I ran out of napkins to wipe the drool off my face.

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