Promotional Video Production

Do you need a video for your website that communicates your company’s message?

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Web Series Production

We offer web series production services to our clients that want to grow their audiences over time, or generate buzz for a launch date.

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Custom Video Production

We offer competitive rates for music video, documentary and narrative video production. Contact us today, and tell us a little bit more about your project.

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Intercontinental Postproduction Online

What do you do if your shooter is in Singapore, your director is in Connecticut, and the editor is, well you get the idea. In this digital world, your team can be anywhere. We worked with the good folks at Persistent Productions on their online for a socially conscious project, “Bad Air” which aims to

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What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing? Essentially, video marketing is using video to tell your story to your audience. There might be other definitions for this, but this is the one that works for us, and it’s general enough for us to use broadly when considering using video in a marketing campaign. A few things to consider

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Why Use Video in Marketing?

Why Video Marketing? So, why use video in your marketing mix? One reason is that communication has gone digital, and is a more diverse term. Over the last few years, video production, and digital production (web design, audio podcasts, etc.) as a whole, has dropped its price as an entry point where it is feasible

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Company strengths and our approach

Shia Productions is a San Francisco Bay area marketing strategies and digital content video production company…and a group of storytellers. In a few words, we believe that the strength of our company is directly related to our ability to adapt to shifts and changes in the technological landscape. As new technology and methods of storytelling

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