Why Use Video in Marketing?


Why Video Marketing?

So, why use video in your marketing mix? One reason is that communication has gone digital, and is a more diverse term. Over the last few years, video production, and digital production (web design, audio podcasts, etc.) as a whole, has dropped its price as an entry point where it is feasible for anyone to use. As a result, more small businesses and individuals are putting together pretty sophisticated campaigns and video, when used properly, can be a great communication tool and addition to your marketing campaigns.

Think of the benefits to having a video

Having a video on your website or blog means that your story can be communicated, day and night, 24/7 and it exists outside of yourself. It’s easier than taking every call and saying the same story over and over again, and if you spend the time and energy to do it right the first time, video can be a helpful salesperson for your business or company.

You can also use video to communicate many ideas at once and through computer generated animations, it can even be easier to convey a complex idea or business process. (as in with crisis of credit) When you use a video, you can rest assured that the story or pitch will be told the same way, every time. Lastly, when you put a video on your website, your customers tend to think more highly of your web presence, and know that you mean business. That’s why it’s a good idea to take the time out and create a quality video, because it has this positive psychological effect on your customers. Plainly put, having a video has more meaning and shows the world you’re serious, which is why it needs to be good.

A few things to think about

Planning is key

Before taking on a video project (I think we can all agree that it is a necessary one), you first need to do some initial planning and agree on some core strategy. Know what your purpose and key objectives are going into the creative process and the results will be better. At the minimum, decide on the purpose of the video, your target audience (customer) and your intended message to them.

Less is more and sometimes more is more

Try to communicate your idea in the shortest time possible. People’s attention spans have a lot drawing on them, and you want to get to the point as soon as possible. However, sometimes your ideas need a little more explanation or your campaign involves multiple voices. When you can’t get it all into one video, consider breaking it down into several smaller videos that are grouped together by a central theme. A series or a multiple video strategy can show more buy in from your company and can have positive effects if the videos are short, sweet and to the point.


In conclusion

Video is best used when you need to show something or communicate a complex idea. For some communication, text is still the way to go but it is hard to convey the human emotions, or communicate a complex idea like a video animation can. Video has become quite an essential component of communication, and with a little planning beforehand, can be a great addition to your marketing mix.

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