What is Video Marketing?


What is Video Marketing?

Essentially, video marketing is using video to tell your story to your audience. There might be other definitions for this, but this is the one that works for us, and it’s general enough for us to use broadly when considering using video in a marketing campaign.

A few things to consider

One or many?

Video marketing can refer to using a single video on a home page, or can refer to a multi-video campaign.

Quality counts

There are exceptions to the rule, as with YouTube sensations, but those are just flashes in the pan, and don’t really stick. You want to make sure that when you use video in your marketing campaigns, that the video is of a high quality. First time producers generally have quality issues with bad audio, shakey cameras, or not enough light on the shot. If you focus on those areas, you will generally produce a video that is “good enough,” and you just simply can’t focus enough on quality.

Plan strategically

The first step in producing a video for marketing is to define three things: Your story, your audience, and your message. These are all synonymous with a good marketing campaign. Your story focuses on what is happening in the video, or the story being told from when the video starts to when it stops. Your audience is who you are telling the story to (how old are they, who are they, why did they stop to listen, etc.). Lastly, your message is what you would like them to take away from watching the video: is it something you want them to do, or tell another person? Think about the video in those lines first and the creative process will go that much smoother. One word of caution is don’t confuse message with story; although they are related, they are different.

Conclusion and final tip

Video in marketing can be a great tool, and has become an essential component of any online campaign. Video marketing involves the content creation, preplanning, and distribution of your story through video. It can be used to tell a story to an audience, and through proper planning, deliver a message consistently and clearly every time. One final note on video marketing is that there are many places to distribute your video, and you should have distribution channels in mind when defining your audience. For more ideas on how we use channels, check out our social media connections below and get a sense of how we market our videos.

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