What is guerilla marketing?

What is guerilla marketing

The term guerilla marketing has taken on so many faces and meanings, that it has become somewhat clichéd. However, it is still a viable method, generally employed by small businesses and individuals to get the word out on their products and services. My favorite definition for guerilla marketing is the act of making your marketing effective, regardless of resources and obstacles, and generally with small achievable tasks.

Best when short, fast, and with clear objectives

Guerilla Marketing is most effective when you break your marketing strategy down into small, achievable objectives, which can generally be completed in a day, at most. This small bite approach to the marketing strategy can be helpful as small victories tend to motivate a team, as long as they are moving towards a central goal. (Pro Tip: If you haven’t yet decided on some overall marketing goals, take 10 minutes and write down 3 medium sized goals. Then, figure out how to break down the medium sized goals into small marketing projects that can be completed in a day, and schedule them.)

Doesn’t always mean cheap

When people think guerilla marketing, they tend to think cheap, which isn’t always the case, although, because guerrilla marketing projects don’t drag on they tend to be less expensive.

Establish an idea or core principles first

Because guerilla marketing is the sum of many small marketing projects, it needs a central idea, or guiding principle to serve as a focus point, useful when brainstorming projects and strategies. It needs to be an idea or core principle that the entire team agrees in, and that each member can contribute to in some meaningful way. This can be as simple as you really believe in your product or service (and you should) and you think this will make your customers lives easier, so we are going to employ a social media and video strategy that showcases the product or service highlights. These can be small :30 videos which are produced and posted daily, but supports your central principles.

You can keep these campaigns going with minimal resources

With online marketing, you can plan and schedule a guerilla marketing campaign that everyone on your team contributes to as an author or content creator, and crowd source the effort to make it a smaller undertaking. The main point of guerilla marketing is that you are moving towards your goals each day, and by creating a flexible campaign that can go on continuously with minimal effort, you can help ensure the public is always aware of your company.

Focus on finding opportunities

The focus of guerilla marketing should be to find opportunity spaces within your target market that can be approached and won with minimal but constant effort. You will of course have a larger marketing campaign that is central to your business practices, but by focusing guerilla marketing on low hanging fruit, you use this constant momentum to gain traction on your larger marketing projects.

Summing up an approach to guerilla marketing

First, come up with core principles or a medium sized marketing goal. Core principles are great because they allow you to continue your marketing efforts infinitely. Make sure you have broken down your medium sized goals into short achievable goals. It’s best if they only take 1 day to 2 days to achieve them. Work towards your main goal through short achievable goals, and check in with your core principles and guiding idea. Lastly, keep your eyes on the prize, and hold on. Remember, this should be a component of your larger marketing campaign, and should be set up to run consistently, with minimal effort, and supporting your business objectives.

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