Online Marketing Plan with Multiple Videos Strategy

P and G Old SpiceWhat is a multiple video strategy?

A multiple video strategy is when you plan a marketing strategy that is supported by video content distributed through a blog, social network feed, television broadcast channel (yes, TV still works), or wherever your target customers are. The most popular format these days is using a video blog as a distribution channel, and producing updates that are relevant to an audience, to gain traffic.

Remember the Old Spice guy?

This was a multiple video strategy and campaign created by Old Spice to increase brand awareness, and build a following on social media. To distribute the videos, Old Spice created a dedicated YouTube channel and posted over 185 videos of actor Isaiah Mustafa answering questions from the Twitter. This was a simple idea that generated millions of views and gave the company a fresh face and a broader audience. I can’t say enough positive things about this campaign, and I think the way it was put together can inspire other small businesses and individuals to create their own multiple video strategies.

How do you put one together?

First, find and follow what inspires you

Do you have a person or organization that video blogs and you follow them? Think about the reasons why you follow them, and if this is appropriate for your customers, draw inspiration from what inspires you and apply it to your video strategy.

Plan them and decide an approach

After you have drawn some inspiration from your interests, it is a good time to brainstorm a few topics, and plan what videos you are going to produce. I like doing this planning with an idea of how we are going to produce the videos, and for that, here are a few approaches:

Two approaches (Well, three actually)

Can approach this by having a dedicated station for video blogging.

As with the Old Spice Guy, they set up a dedicated production area for a single shot, and just powered through the videos one at a time. This can be as simple as a dedicated blogging station, with an attached web cam, at your office, or perhaps you keep a handy portable camera on you at all times to capture moments from a conference, or while in the field. One pro about this approach is that it gives the viewer the sense of authenticity. However, bad audio quality turns more viewers off your message, and portable cameras and webcams have very low quality microphones. You can, of course, invest in a better microphone, and that will raise the quality somewhat, but then you might have graininess issues in your shots. I would say, this approach is probably the simplest to set up, but you will need to pay attention to your quality levels if you would like your audience to keep watching.

Or you can develop a series and plan out your productions.

You can also plan out an entire series of videos with higher production quality. The main pro of this approach is that it generally results in higher production values, which gives the viewer a sense of seriousness on your part. However, quality series production can get to be pricey, and you will have to spend the time to plan out the production.

Or, my favorite, you can do a combination of both.

Spend the time and energy on producing quality videos first and then use a dedicated blogging station to promote the quality videos with an authentic voice. Quick Tip: respond to comments and feedback on your social networks through a video post, and it doesn’t get more social than that.

In conclusion

A multiple video strategy can provide great content for your online marketing, and as always, the quality of the content will determine whether or not your audience grows. Additionally, the more you plan, the better. Any multiple videos strategy should be a part of a fully thought out and planned marketing plan, and there should be multiple components to this to help support it, like a YouTube Channel, a Facebook Page, etc. If you haven’t developed a presence on one of the popular social networks yet, spend some time getting a channel up and running so that your video has a place to go when you release it, and you’ll get more views.

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