Startup City – Episode 4 – Make a short business statement

Hi I’m Ja Shia from Startup City and I just heard of another great piece of advice that I wanted to share with those of us that are thinking about starting our own businesses, and that is explain your business in 1 to 2 sentences. Some folks might want to take this up to 3, but at that point you’ve lost someone. I know that I can go on and on about my business idea, because I’m excited about it, and I want to convey that excitement to the person I’m speaking with, but I’m starting to think that when someone asks you to tell them about your business, you want to hit them with the clearest statement that says exactly what you do and what your idea or product is. As a storyteller, I’d like to add that I think you also need to know who your audience is when you’re delivering that statement. For me, an example of a statement I would use would be:

I run a marketing and video production company. We produce digital content such as videos, websites, and other marketing materials, as well as provide pre-made digital marketing strategies to our customers.

Now if I was to say that statement to my grandfather, it probably wouldn’t have as much meaning, as it would to an advertising manager that might be looking to staff a project. Although, my customers are looking for video producers, not all of them will be in the advertising industry, and I can see that I’ll need to adjust my business statement for whoever is listening to it. I think it’s reasonable to come up with 3 different statements, one for each target industry, which is what I’m going to do, but no matter what I think we need to keep our business statements as short and friendly as possible.

Next video, I want to get into a few more questions I’m going to ask myself before starting a business, just to double check that this is right for me.

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